Sportsmen Scuttlebutt

September  2009



The south end of Area 3 is prepared for the arrival of the "new" berths.




 The Sportsmen crew of 7 headed up river about 1900 Thursday evening, 9-17-09. 
Skipper Ken Carver is at the helm of the Gretchen E, a 65 foot workboat.



Upon arrival at the Stockton Yacht Club 6 hours later, our crew finished preparing two sections of berths for towing out of the Calaveras River and into the San Joaquin for their journey to Antioch and their new home at Sportsmen's Area 3. 

Paul Rioux & Ron Malmquist of Stockton YC finalized the transaction with Lonnie Gibson, Sportsmen YC Harbor Master. The transaction was documented by a "Bill of Sale" as seen below.



     Does anyone have a shoehorn handy to help get this down the Calaveras River obstacle course?
(The larger of the 2 sections is 71' x 33', being pushed by a 65' vessel)


Can you imagine taking a relaxing boat ride up the river and then seeing this coming at you...



A large throng of Sportsmen eagerly awaited the arrival of the curious flotilla.
It was well after dark by the time the flotilla arrived.





  Thanks to a huge Sportsmen turnout, there was ample people-power to manhandle the berths into safe harbor for the night.



The next day, the berths were finessed through the harbor and into their new home in Area 3.



In between all the excitement on Friday night, Ann Marie and Freda took a bucket ride, courtesy of Garry.

July  2009

William & Kelly Odum enjoyed a productive day with Captain Steve of Flash Sport Fishing...

July 2009


Chuck & Ruth Trombetta celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on July 5, 2009. The party was held at the Colombo Club in Oakland and was attended by many friends and family members from far & wide. Congratulations Chuck and Ruth!


January 2009

The full moon of January 10, 2009, was a "perigee moon," seen here rising over the Antioch Bridge and San Joaquin River. At perigee, the moon makes its closest orbital approach to the earth and appears 14% wider and 30 percent brighter than lesser moons. 

The earth also makes its closest orbital approach to the sun in January (perihelion), thus aiding the moon in producing the largest astronomical tides of the year.