Ferryboat Sausalito History


Arriving at the North West Pacific pier in Sausalito August 1, 1926

In the Oakland Estuary during Alameda Mole Period 1931-1933 
(SP service) San Francisco Ferry Building to Alameda Pier.


Providing Ferry Service for Passengers and Automobiles



Since 1939, she has served as the Clubhouse for Sportsmen Yacht Club
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Introducing Matt Tate. Matt is the SYC Historian effective January 2020


Matt's January 2020 Article

Historian Matt Tate

The following 12 part history was first published 45 years ago, in 1975, in what was then called the Sportsmen Bulletin.  It was then repeated again five years ago in our Newsletter, but I am sure that you will all enjoy its contents and historical perspectives once again as much as I have.   As your new Historian, I have been perusing many such items that have been collected in our museum over the years and would like to share some of these with you from time to time, for while some of our members have been around the Club for many years, many of us, myself included, are not fully aware of all that has transpired in the growing and building of this wonderful Club. 

Part I:  Early Days of Sportsmen Inc. 

One sultry September evening in 1930, W. C. McCullock assembled a group of Sportsmen together in the basement of his sporting goods store in Oakland for the express purpose of organizing a functional club of sportsmen.  Those present at this momentous meeting were – H.W. Wilson, J.J. Scannel, Mr. Moots and Dick Pratt.

The men were drawn together by a common bond; they were all members of a rival sportsmen club. The club they thought was defunct in its obligation to demands of sportsmen. This little group of men with a wide perspective of the future was determined to create an organization that would cater to the needs and desires of sportsmen.

The first order of business was the selection of a name. Mr. McCulloch offered a rod and reel as a prize to the individual submitting the best name. Mr. Moots theorized that the primal aim of the organization was to promote activities to coordinate the interest of sportsmen in all fields of endeavor. Therefore the name  “Sportsmen” offered the broadest implication of diversified interest.

The second aim of the organization was to offer its membership the greatest possible protection financially. Mr. Moots pointed out this could best be accomplished by incorporating the organization, thereby limiting the individual member’s obligation to a confined sphere of responsibility. Both of these aims being of fine merit, giving rise to the combination of the two,  producing the name “Sportsmen Inc.” This name and the theories behind it were quickly adopted. The name “Sportsmen Inc.” is unique among similar organizations in that it does not limit the club geographically nor does it restrict it in its aim and purpose.

Charles W. Fisher petitioned Sacramento for incorporation of “Sportsmen Inc.” On September 5, 1931, the petition was granted and “Sportsmen Inc.” became a full fledged legalized corporation in the State of California.

HISTORY PART 2 next month!




If you should happen to have old newspaper articles, photos, other artifacts, or personal knowledge relevant to the history of The Ferryboat Sausalito, please contact Historian Matt Tate. historian@sportsmenyc.org