Ferryboat Sausalito History


Arriving at the North West Pacific pier in Sausalito August 1, 1926

In the Oakland Estuary during Alameda Mole Period 1931-1933 
(SP service) San Francisco Ferry Building to Alameda Pier.


Providing Ferry Service for Passengers and Automobiles



Since 1939, she has served as the Clubhouse for Sportsmen Yacht Club
(Check out "Sportsmen Yacht Club History")


Kathie's January 2019 Article

Historian Kathie Hammer

Happy New Year to everyone! It is always exciting to start a new year, especially after the busy month of December. You might have time to do things you enjoy!

For those of you who enjoy history and reading, I have three books I would like to recommend. In these three books, the Golden Gate and Bay bridges come to life.

The first book is titled, “High Steel: Building the Bridges Across the Bay.” This book is about both bridges that were built during the Great Depression.  It is filled with wonderful black and white photos taken in the 1930s. It was put together by Richard Dillon, Thomas Moulin and Don DeNevi. Erected at approximately the same time, the bridges solved a century’s old transportation problem.

The second book is titled, “The Ferry Building: Witness to a Century of Change 1898-1998”.  It is written by Nancy Olmsted. In the book, she interviews many long time residents and also has a collection of wonderful photographs. She documents 100 years of parades and funeral processions in San Francisco. She also talks about 100 years of victory parades, protest marches, earthquakes, fires,  and  celebrations.

The third book is a more contemporary story of Northern California titled, “Bay Area Backroads” (San Francisco Chronicle Books). Like the TV series, it talks about day trips, weekend getaways and other adventures in Northern California that we can all enjoy.

There is a great picture of the original San Francisco Bay Bridge being built in our museum.  Stop by the next time the Museum is open to revisit our Ferry’s history or learn of it for the first time!





If you should happen to have old newspaper articles, photos, other artifacts, or personal knowledge relevant to the history of The Ferryboat Sausalito, please contact Historian Kathie Hammer. Please see "Contact SYC Staff" on Home page.  Thank you.