Some photos from recent events...



Nov 10, 2001



Young Love
Our newest member, Delores, 
with her guest, Bud

Yes, we have some bananas today!
Rosemary helping to prepare the 
fresh fruit salad


Gary & Commodore Carol
...lookin' good!
Steady Larry!


There's Don getting a little support 
from Belynda and Arlene

Pat's MaiTais were flowing...
and delicious

There's Lou giving dancing lessons
Carl and Elaine decked out in their leis

Byron and Susan
enjoyed the evening

The entertainment was spectacular!

Audrey & Bill
Just can't stay off the dance floor
Karol & Mike
What a great dinner!
After all their hard work,
Ray & Muriel enjoy the evening
Bonnie & Leroy
Always have a smile