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4S Cruise
July 19-22-2018
Hosted by
Sportsmen Yacht Club





The fleet has arrived from Sacramento, San Joaquin & Stockton Yacht Clubs


Sportsmen's Commodore Robert Babo conducts the opening ceremony,
welcoming in the 4S Cruisers and introducing the visiting Commodores


Phil Chovanec, Sacramento

Patricia Atkins, San Joaquin

Lucy Hamilton, Stockton


Jenny Comages opens with The National Anthem


The 4S Burgee is Posted, Let the Games Begin!



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The Shuffleboard contest was held on Friday evening









Lunch Break, Let's Eat!



The Galley Crews did an Outstanding Job; Nobody went away Hungry,



Don Wilson was the Games Coordinator and did an excellent job of keeping everything on track!


Sacramento is the winner of the perpetual trophy once again. Congratulations!
2nd place Sportsmen
3rd Place San Joaquin
Last but not least, Stockton



More Photos featuring our guests

Next Year's 4S will be at San Joaquin Yacht Club!


And a good time was had by all!
Many thanks to Commodore Babo and 1st Lady Denice for hosting a wonderful 4S!

Thanks to Freda Lucido for the photography.