Winners of 2021 Fishing Derby 


The first fish logged in were these stripers by Al Bulahan.
Unfortunately, they didn't make the cut.


Tim Coffman's Striper, 2nd Place



Butch Martinez's 1st Place Striper  

Jim Dawson's Catfish, 1st & 2nd Place


Results of our November 2021 Fishing Derby:

Striped Bass
1st Place Butch Martinez 21#
2nd Place Tim Coffman 17#

1st Place Jim Dawson 1# 3 oz.
2nd Place Jim Dawson 1# 1 oz.

1st Place Jim Dawson By Drawing
2nd Place Ken Williams By Drawing

Note: Dale Bauer would have won both places in the derby if he had entered. He caught a 50” and 43” sturgeon.

Many thanks to Kevin Wickman who provided prizes. Everyone won a prize who was in the derby and came to the potluck.