Opening Day on the Delta
This Year's Theme: American Spirit

April 14, 2012

Opening Day Winners

Overall:  Enchantment, owned by Otis & Marilyn Brock, Ebony BC.

1st Place over 35 feet:  After Midnight, owned by Jim & Darlene Dawson, Sportsmen YC.

2nd Place over 35 feet:  47 Winks, owned by Paul & Winky Scannell, Sportsmen YC.

1nd Place under 35 feet:  Nauti Neaki, owned by Jerry & Dorothy Smith, Driftwood YC.

2st Place under 35 feet:  Delta Rover, owned by Caley & Sonja Johnston, Driftwood YC.

  Sportsmen Yacht Club hosted the Opening Day Dinner and awards ceremony this year.


Thanks to Marina Faconti for the above photos   




Thanks to Dan Espinosa for the lower photos