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Sportsmen Yacht Club Presents

The GibsonHouse Mystery Performers in

"A Pirate's Revenge"
(Adapted from Murder on the High Seas)

September 15, 2007

Welcome Stockton Yacht Club Cruisers

The helm of the Pirate Ship "Rollin Groan"







Winky won the pirate's booty, $200 (real) gold coins                                                              



The GibsonHouse Cast

    John Disse                         Poly Astor                                    Rose Tattoo                          Mr. Slim Downe      
            Activities Mate         Ship's Party Photographer         Ship's Medicine Woman    Famous Pirate Radio Playwright


                   Rollin Groan Ship's Captain, Mac Arune                Nina Fiver, Captain's personal "mate"                 


Many thanks to Chef Paul and his crew for a wonderful dinner