Some photos from recent events...

SYC Annual Picnic

September 10, 2005

Yummm!  The food was great!



 Joe is one of our main-stays at the BBQ

Nice to see Jan out and about!


Grandma Alice showed Olivia
all about Bingo

Both named Elizabeth, these two
girls had lots of fun together



Bingo was popular with children of all ages

Watch out!  Lou & Steve are up to no good!!


Grandpa Jerry and CoCo are serious
with their game of Bingo

Cindy of the Hammer family hit paydirt!



Audrey enjoyed the day 
with her daughter, Annette 

Chris & Larry Green have a new "baby."
Next year, he won't be able to sit on her lap!


Kathie Hammer called the Bingo game

Kelly of the Worrell family always has a big smile!



Mike gets a big hug from daughter Alexis

Thanks to all

who made our

picnic a success!