Some photos from recent events...

Sportsmen 2nd Annual
Blue Grass BBQ
June 11, 2005

Yee ha!



                    John Murphy and the Carolina Special


Even the kids toes were tappin'


As we have come to expect from past experience, the food was wonderful and there was plenty of it...
Thanks to Joe and all the crew for a great job. Joe is a familiar volunteer at the Sportsmen BBQ. 


Past Commodore Dave Selvy is the organizer and coordinator of this annual event. Our thanks go to Dave for setting up this very entertaining afternoon. 

Also thanks to the cruisers from Solano Yacht Club who joined us for this fun event. Dave promises even bigger and better things next year.


These ladies just couldn't sit still (but then why should they?)


Wanna buy a raffle ticket?

See ya all in Sacramento for the 4S!