Some photos from recent events...

Annual Crab Feed
February 14, 2004

Welcome back folks!


There was lots of crab to crack and carry to the upper deck...


A little taste...just to make sure!  And lots of preparation on the upper deck too

Some wore gloves and others just dove right in the ice with their bare hands


A lot of crab, chowder, salad, and wine...
What more could you ask for?


Ed Collins is trying to show Tim Lamb the proper way to 
use the bib when preparing to eat crab.
It looks like Tim misunderstood one of the steps!


So, there went another 550 lbs of delicious Dungeness. Those Sportsmen sure know how to put it away!

Thanks to Herb Pekonen for purchasing the crab and organizing the cracking crew on the dock. Also many thanks to Pat Brown and the galley crew for making it all come together.

Thanks to Shutterbugs Freda, Carl, and Dave for capturing the event on pictures.

Next up, St. Patty's Day Dinner with Corned Beef and Cabbage on March 13th
See ya there!