Some photos from recent events...



Welcome to the Annual St. Patrick's Day Party

March 15, 2003




Audrey & Elaine collecting the Green

Commodore Lonnie found his Pot of Gold


What, no Green Beer this year?


Lee Fitzgerald, Ladies Beer Drinking Champion (again)


Now where did he get that Tee Shirt?



Chef Paul and his leprechauns did a great job 
with the Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinner

Ya wanna buy a ticket, honey?


There's Herb & Liz (ya got that sinking feeling?) dining with the Worrells


There's leprechaun George serving the salad


The Dawsons


Chuck & Ruth with friends Virginia & Pete

Chuck Carroll gets the 
"Largest Leprechaun in Attendance" award

And here's Mr. Fitz

Herb & Eva relaxing after dinner