Commodores' Words of Wisdom

Commodore Bobby's July Article


Hello everybody! I hope everyone is taking advantage of the beautiful weather. It’s been hot, but it almost seems as if the wind dies down during the week and then blows a gale come Saturday and Sunday. There’s still plenty to do and the wind will not slow us down. Summer is upon us, and I’m ready!

July brings the opportunity to win back the 4S trophy.  The game committee and I are very pleased to see such strong players in each event. I believe we have a great shot! Although we cannot take any other club lightly, Sacramento has held the trophy too long. This year, it will be ours again! If you are not participating in an event, I still want to encourage you to come join the fun. Cheering on your fellow members and friends could mean all the difference. The weather should be beautiful, it’s close, and will be a blast. See you there!

Our monthly Work Party will be on the 13th this month. June’s Work Party was a little light in member participation. It seems as though the same members are the only ones participating in maintaining the duties around the Club. With all the new associates aboard, we should be seeing some relief to our senior members. If you are a sponsor of an associate, you need to reiterate we are a member run club. If you cannot attend a Saturday work party, get creative on how your Associate can stand out.

We will be having Game Night the weekend following the 4S. If you haven’t qualified for the Poker championship game in December, you still have a chance. See you all soon!


Vice Commodore Neal's July Article


Can you believe it is July already?  That means not only that half the year is gone, but also that the 4S games will be going on at San Joaquin Yacht Club in a couple of weeks.  Because of the 4S games, July has a pretty light schedule.  June should have been a pretty busy month, but the Pittsburg Yacht Club Cruise-In was cancelled.

I would like to thank Don Wilson for once again running the 4S Try-Outs.  We are all hoping we can bring the trophy back to the Sportsmen Yacht Club this year.

Don’t forget that, due to the 4th of July occurring on the 1st weekend, the July dinner meeting will be held on Friday, July 12th.  Our regular Work Party will be Saturday, July 13th, following the July dinner meeting.  Come on down and help out. 

I cannot emphasize strongly enough that if you have sponsored a new associate member you need to encourage them to participate in the Saturday Work Parties.  I understand that Associates may not always be available on that Saturday so please contact our Port Captain Dave Newton or our Harbor Captain Bill Moore to make arrangements to tackle needed projects when you are available.  You can also contact one of the Officers or Directors and we’ll be glad to find a project for you.  That goes for Regular members also!  Remember, Sportsmen Yacht Club belongs to all of us, and it takes all of us to keep it going.

See you around the Club!



Rear Commodore Mike's July Article

Hello Sportsmen and Women! June came in with a hot bang, breaking past temperature records in some areas. A few days it even reached 106 plus! Be sure to keep cool and hydrated during those times! The past several weeks have been busy around the Club.

Memorial Day weekend was slated for a Members’ Cruise-In for our use, for those who were not going away for the weekend. It turned out to be a good weekend. John Maniz held a graduation party/BBQ on Saturday. Great BBQ and great people. The bar did really well also! Thanks, John!

We were able to get a lot accomplished at the June Work Party. The trees along the road from Wilbur Avenue were pruned up so the branches don't hit the trucks and motor homes, we made a dump run, and Bill Moore and crew made old dock wood disappear to mention a few of the projects accomplished.  Thank you to all who helped, especially in the kitchen! In June, we also had the 4S tryouts, narrowing down to our best competitors for each event to represent the Sportsmen Yacht Club. It was a good time had by all.  Thanks to everyone who came out to participate and cheer on your favorites. Thanks also to Donny Wilson for heading up and organizing these events. Now it's practice, practice, and more practice so we bring home the trophy!  

Congratulations to last month’s wheel spin winner, Ted Drapel! See you around the Club!