Commodores' Words of Wisdom

Commodore Bobby's March Article


I would like to start with my deepest condolences to Larry Pacheco’s family.  Although I did not know Larry like most, a few nights at the card table allowed us to become friends. What little time I knew him, I could see he had a great sense of humor and he knew this Club more than most.  Larry will truly be missed.  More information about Larry and the contributions he made to our Club are featured on Page 4 of this Newsletter.

I would like to recognize Associate Clint Frost for taking on a couple of special projects at the Club. He cleaned out our supply room down stairs and fixed Kathie Hammer’s plumbing in her cabin.   

Thank you Bill Pato Jr. for repairing our bench out on the northwest corner of the deck next to the booze elevator. Your carpentry skills are once again greatly appreciated. It looks great! Now all we need is a little paint.

Small projects like the bench are just as important as the bigger ones. If there is a small project you would like to see fixed, upgraded, or is a safety concern, please feel free to contact any Board member and we can assist.

Our 2019 Crab Feed Dinner was a hit! Robert & Denice Babo never disappoint and always come through. This well organized event is not done alone. The west galley was full of life as many members and associates helped prep. Anne Marie Alcorn, Jana Minick, Clint and Jolene Frost, Albert and Cynthia Perez, Ashley Simpson, Heather and Dave Newton, Nick and Anne Macey, Floyd Simpson, Jenny Comages, Janet and Bob Buckley, Angel Brown, Marina Faconti, John Francisco, John McCauley, Byron Eggers and Pete Quealy all did a fantastic job. Our servers Logan, Alaina, Sarah, Carina, Erin, and Shyla did great serving the food trays and clean up. Thank you to all who donated baskets and other great prizes. The night was fabulous!

Our next event is St. Patty’s Dinner. Get your reservations in online or call Ann sooner rather than later. I hope to see you all there!


Vice Commodore Neal's March Article


WOW! Once again Sportsmen Yacht Club members experienced a jam-packed fun February!  The first weekend saw not only the usual Club meeting dinner and Work Party, but also a great Super Bowl Potluck!  Kudos to Ross Cooper and new Associate Member Pete Quealy for a great Meeting Night Dinner of homemade stew, fresh baked bread, salad and dessert.  Sportsmen know how to eat well, and most importantly, cook well!

On a sad note, one of our very long-time members, Larry Pacheco, passed away February 17th.  Larry was a true gentleman and strong supporter of Sportsmen Yacht Club.  I had the honor of representing Sportsmen at Larry’s funeral which was attended by eleven past Commodores and many members.  The funeral was followed by a gathering of family and friends at the Club where we were able to celebrate Larry’s life and many contributions to Sportsmen Yacht Club.  Larry will be greatly missed.

If you are reading a hard copy of this newsletter with your morning coffee and you are wondering how it got to your home?  Well, here is how all that happens:  Freda Lucido pulls together all the articles and Club information, which would seem to me to be a monumental task.  If you have email, our Webmaster Don Lucido gets them on the Club’s website so you can read it right away.  There are some members who require a printed version, so after the it is printed, Cindy Kirk adds postage and takes them to the post office or places them in member mailboxes at the Club. 

Did you know that Sportsmen Yacht Club has a Fishing Derby that kicks off in January and runs through December 31st?  There are three categories: Striped Bass, Sturgeon, and Catfish, with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes awarded in each category.  The buy-in is only $5 per category.  If you want to get in the derby, see Jim Dawson.  And a big thanks to Jim for running the Derby for many years!

Diablo Yacht Club once again cruised in to Sportsmen Yacht Club for the Valentine’s weekend.  Thanks to our Valentine’s Dinner chefs, Bob & Janet Buckley, Donna Fields and Darlene Moore who prepared one of the best pork loin dinners I have ever had.  Sunday morning, members and guests feasted on Past Commodore Tate’s Breakfast. 

If you did not attend the Annual Crab Feed, you missed an awesome dinner.  Thanks to Lonnie Gibson who once again picked up the crab for the dinner.  Robert and Denice Babo and many members of their crew worked tirelessly to obtain raffle prizes, decorate the Ferry, prepare and serve the delicious meal and cleanup afterwards.  Many of our new associates stepped up to help with this event. 

If you are a new associate, remember the St. Patrick’s dinner is coming up this month.  It is also a huge event for our Club;  Commodore Brown and Angel will need a lot of help.  Don’t forget to get your reservations in for the St. Patrick’s Dinner on March 16th   As always, details of upcoming events are posted on the Website and on the Upcoming Events board by the galley.

Our monthly Work Parties have been extremely well attended.  However, there is still a lot of work to be completed. If you cannot make a regular first Saturday Work Party, don’t worry!  You are welcome to check with a Flag Officer, the Port Captain, or the Harbor Captain for a project that needs to be done, and work on that project when you can.

See you around the Club!


Rear Commodore Mike's March Article

February was busy month with the rain holding out for the Work Party almost all day. We did experience a few showers and a whole lot of wind. The roof on the southeast side of Area 4 started peeling back a few rows from the extreme wind. Commodore Bobby Brown and Bill Moore to the rescue, climbing up there, rolling the metal sheets back and screwing them down! That being said, we still managed to get a few projects completed! Thanks to all who came out and especially to the kitchen crew for a wonderful lunch.

Our Super Bowl potluck party was a great event with a very good turnout and many appetizers and dishes to choose from. We also hosted a cruise-in last month with Diablo Yacht Club attending. This also coincided with Friday night’s Game Night and the Valentine’s Dinner on Saturday, which was delicious! Congratulations John Maniz on winning the poker tournament!

Our Crab Feed was very successful and I’m sure our Commodore has lots of details on this event. 

On another note, we had some guests fishing on the pier last week and after they left, they called the Club around 7 p.m. to say they had forgotten some personal belongings in the pier shed and asked if they could come back and get them. I told them I would wait around for them to get back. I went out to the pier to get their belongings for them and I heard water gushing under the wooden walkway to the pier. After a little more investigation it was apparent that the 2" PVC water main to the RV area and behind the BBQ area had partially separated, pouring massive amounts of water back into the river. I was able to locate the shutoff valve, with the help of Rich Furlow and Bill Moore, and turned it off. I had actually noticed a decrease in water pressure in the bathroom and bar sink a couple days earlier, so I am thinking this was like this for a few days. Just a reminder for everyone to always keep their eyes and ears open for anything that might need attention!

If you are thinking of utilizing the Clubhouse or the BBQ area for any personal events, please let me know and fill out the proper paperwork so we can get it tentatively scheduled on the main online calendar until it is approved at the next Board meeting.

Congratulations to Dan Lynch for winning the wheel spin in February! 

Thank you, have a safe Month!!