Introducing our Commodores
for 2023

Jim Vicknair
  January 15, 2023


Dear Sportsmen,

As our new Commodore, I’m excited and look forward to leading us through  2023.    Our Club endured the pandemic and is now in a position to get back to the comradery and fun social activities we so enjoy.  We have a year full of activities planned and we are confident to get great interest and participation from all our members.

We have the excitement and challenge of hosting 4S this year.  Competition last year in Sacramento was close and our friends at San Joaquin YC are vocal in their intent to take home the trophy this year.  I don’t think so… Let’s work together to retain our rightful place as WINNERS. 

 We had a wonderful New Year’s bash and I thank all who worked hard to make it a success.  The Installation of Officers Dinner is right around the corner, followed soon after with our Crab Feed. I’m excited to welcome back both these events, post covid! January 21st will see us resume an Installation of Officers Evening with cocktails, fine dining, dressy attire and dancing. Please come help us celebrate both incoming and outgoing officers, along with paying tribute to our past commodores. 


Our club theme this year is “Rollin’ on the River.”  Actually pronounced, “RRRROlin on the River!”  John Fogerty’s “Proud Mary” was written in 1969 about a riverboat on the Mississippi River and mythical trips up and down the river.  This year we celebrate our “Proud Mary,” the Sausalito.   We also celebrate our river right outside our window and our “Rollin’ on the River” spirit in our membership.  Interesting fact, the members of Credence Clearwater Revival grew up and formed the band here in the Bay Area. 

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and I’d like to thank all those, past and present, who make this Club the great place it is. Let’s Roll!



                                                                 ~Rollin' on the River~                     


Vice Commodore Peter Dragula
 January 15, 2023


Thank you for you votes of confidence in electing me to the supporting roll as your new Vice Commodore. I hold several certifications, diplomas and served on many different boards for various non-profit organizations in the past, but this is my first time serving as Vice Commodore for the Sportsmen Yacht Club.

My goals for the coming year are to continue to help serve the club, its membership, our charter and our new Commodore in 2023. A club is only as strong as its members. Regardless of past deeds, I hope all members will find time to help to pitch in, because no one can do it alone and with the upcoming 4S, our Club will need, “all hands on deck!”

Thank you all in advance for your patience, support, enthusiasm, and commitment to our Club. Let’s make 2023 a year we can look back on with awe at all we accomplished as a team, rather than individuals.




Rear Commodore Rich Furlow
 January 15, 2023

Fellow Sportsmen, It doesn’t seem possible, but 2023 is here already! After 30 plus years working on heavy equipment, I’ve decided to retire. It will give me more time to help out with events and projects at the Club. It will also give me more time to get to know all the new members and associates.

As your Rear Commodore, I’m looking forward to working with Jim and Peter to get the Club ready for the 4S. I’m confident we can keep the trophy home, where it belongs. We have many other events scheduled for 2023, so I look forward to a great year at Sportsmen Yacht Club!