Commodores' Words of Wisdom

Commodore Robert's July Article



Well, we are finally here in the month of July and the 65th Annual 4S Cruise-In and Games are here. I am calling on all members who can volunteer for the 4S weekend.  We will need participation from our membership to help make this a successful event.

Update: the Guest Dock is done, the Bocce Ball Court will be done and the “2-4 Guys” have been working on various projects around the Ferry. I can’t say enough about the “2-4  Guys; they have been doing a great job during the week with pressure washing, the new table tops, changing out light bulbs, cleaning etc. Thank You!

Last week, we cleaned out the Dry Storage Area of all the tree trimmings and rubbish. We also graded the entire area so this should make it easier to get to your boats and trailers. We are also going to use this area as the “Over-Flow” RV parking for 4S. So, if you need to get to your stored vessel or trailer, you should do this before July 19th.  

Once again I would like to thank the many Club members who have been working most weekends, evenings, and weekdays, doing their part to make our Club shine! The 4S is just one weekend, all this hard work is “4US” and when this is all said and done we will enjoy a better Sportsmen Yacht Club!



Vice Commodore Bobby's July Article

I would like to start this month’s article by saying how good the Club as a whole looks.  It looks amazing! Sportsmen have stepped up their game in a big way. It’s coming together just in time for the 4S.

I would like to mention a few things that were accomplished (or close to) and the folks who made it happen. To start, Past Commodore Matt and our lovely Treasurer Marianne are still on the front lines with jumping in anywhere help is needed all the while keeping up with finances. Bryan Tate finished the end of the new guest dock and leveled our Dry Storage Area with some help from Commodore Babo. Al Alcorn cleaned multiple areas including under the Ferry, around the horseshoe box and hauling debris out.

A special thanks to Harry Parker and Dale Bauer for replacing our “Sausalito” name plaques on the north and south end at the top cabins. They are bold and beautiful once again. Both Micheline and Floyd Simpson contributed plenty to the cause as well. Micheline has planted an abundance of bright, colorful flowers throughout the grounds, including along the front entrance and patio areas. Floyd has put in hours of his own forming a hatch for the sewer clean-out and other small projects. Bob Buckley installed a new drip system to water the plants Micheline planted so she won’t have to spend hours watering.

Mike Minick spent hours in the heat trimming weeds 3’ tall in the Dry Storage around boats. As a reminder, it is your own responsibility to control weeds in and around your boat or trailer storage. We all need to do our part. Jason Turpin has a full time job, side jobs after work, and still manages to find time for our all new power supply on the new guest dock. Bill Moore also added the water system to the new dock. Thank you, Joe Fray and crew, for taking control of the new outdoor table tops and stands. No more “taco” tables!

Lastly, thank you to our Commodore Babo. He is a very motivated man. Much credit is due, as he plays a huge part in the Planning committee for 4S and still finding time and energy to follow through with our on going projects.

Everything looks great! I know I have missed members who have contributed and some like to be anonymous, but Thank You to All who have helped get this Ferry looking awesome!



Rear Commodore Neal's July Article

Can you believe it is July already!  That means not only that half the year is gone, but also the 4S games will be here in a couple of weeks.

I would like to thank Don Wilson for once again running the 4S Try-Outs and the 4S Games for our Club.  We are all hoping we can bring the trophy back to Sportsmen YC this year.

Best of luck to fellow Sportsmen who are representing our Club.

A tremendous amount of work has been accomplished in getting the Club ready for the 4S Cruise-In, but there is still much to be done.  Remember, everything we are doing for the 4S Cruise-In also makes the Club better for the benefit of all Sportsmen members!

Don’t forget there will be a Work Party on Saturday, July 14th, as well as our regular Work Party on Saturday, July 7th following the July 6 Club Meeting. Come on down and help out. Remember, Sportsmen YC belongs to all of us.