Commodores' Words of Wisdom

Commodore Bobby's January Article


Happy New Year everyone! I’m hoping all members had a wonderful time with friends and family. I spent quality time with mine and took a few extra days off to enjoy not working. Now that the holidays are behind us, we’re going to hit 2019 runnin’!

With all of the holiday functions behind us and our 2019 Installation Dinner on the horizon, I’d like to start the year’s first Work Party following meeting night with a Clubhouse deep cleaning. All decorations need to be put away in their place out in our conex box which may require a little organization in itself. Lights in and around our Ferry put away, and a good basic clean-up. There’s plenty to do and I look forward to everyone pitching in to help.

Our next major event is, of course, our Installation Dinner, January 19th. You all are in for a treat. Fabulous food, wine, and dancing are just a portion of the fun we will have. Please make your reservations online or call Ann as soon as possible; reservations must be received by Friday, January 11th. It is a special night as we recognize our Past Commodores and swear in the 2019 Board.

I’m very excited to be your Commodore. My wife could be a little more excited,  and she is my rock and is behind me 100%. Thank you, Angel Brown, for taking on this journey full of challenges with me. I love you! We will put our best foot forward and do what it takes to make 2019 a memorable one. There may be a time I might need to lean on a few of you.  The support Angel and I have to make this year fun and rewarding is a good feeling.

The Board and I have an awesome year planned out. Check our website for upcoming events, dinners, prices, and other cool things your fellow members are planning. It’s a helpful tool and it’s there just for you! There are, from time to time, updates on or about specific dates, so check it often.

As most of you know by now, our new Rear Commodore is Mike Minick. The Board and I are proud to have him. He brings great ideas to the table and we already know he’s a hard worker. He has been a great asset to this Club already and wants to dig his heels in deeper. Along with our returning Board members Heather, Bob, Floyd, Marianne and, of course, my buddy Neal, I am proud to also have our new members Rich Holmes (as Secretary) and Dan Gorman (as Director).  Both are very sharp and eager to share their ideas and talents. Please extend your support to these individuals who want to step up and make a difference.

By the way, Dan won our 2018 Poker Championship. Congratulations Dan!

One of the tasks for our Rear Commodore, which we started in 2018, is to review requests for club rentals. If you would like to rent the club for a private function, fill out the proper form and get it to Mike.

We are here to enjoy our facility with friends and our goal is you can do the same.

Here’s to a wonderful 2019! Salute!


Vice Commodore Neal's January Article


Happy New Year Fellow Sportsmen!  I would like to thank the members for allowing me to serve as your Rear Commodore for 2018.  Being a member of Sportsmen Yacht Club has been a fun and rewarding experience for both Elena and me.  I hope to be able to make a positive contribution to the Club for the upcoming year as your 2019 Vice Commodore.

I want to thank our out-going Commodore, Robert Babo, our out-going Secretary, Darlene Moore, and our out-going Director, Ron Allen, for their service to the Club.  The past year was truly great because of the time and effort you spent in your positions on the Board.

Keeping the yacht club functioning takes the combined talents and abilities of many members, and much was accomplished during 2018.  However, I can say that the 2019 Board has a long list of projects we would like to work on for the upcoming year. 

I want to encourage all Sportsmen members and their families to attend as many monthly meetings, work parties, and scheduled events as they can.  There are many places to find out what is going on every month at Sportsmen.  There is always information in the monthly Newsletter (thanks to Freda Lucido, our Newsletter Editor), complete and up-to-date information can be found and reservations made on our Website (thanks to Don Lucido, our Webmaster) and a three-month list on the Event Board by the Galley (thanks to Denice Babo). The members of Sportsmen Yacht Club are the primary asset of the Club and I firmly believe the members are what make this Club truly great.

I would like to thank Bob and Janet Buckley for all their hard work this past year.  Bob is not only one of our Directors on the Board, but also our Bar Manager.  That is a job at which he truly excels.  And everyone knows Janet is our “Dessert Queen.”  In addition, they constantly step up and help in many ways.  To Bob and Janet I say, Thank you for all you do for Sportsmen!

Another couple who go above and beyond for Sportsmen Yacht Club are Gary and Donna Fields.  Donna is always willing to step in to help wherever needed.  She organizes a food drive for local veterans and helps us to see the needs in our community.  Gary can often be found in the galley practicing his craft as a chef and is also willing to help wherever needed.  To Gary and Donna I say, Thank you for all you do for Sportsmen and our community!

While we are on the subject of the Kids with Santa Night,  a huge thanks to Santa and Mrs. Claus and our Elves for making this night so special for so many of our kids!  You are creating memories they will never forget, as witnessed by some adults who are now bringing their children to this event because they cherish it from their childhood.  Thanks to Jim and Darlene Dawson for bringing Santa in to Sportsmen on their boat.  The kids (and the adults) loved it!  I don’t know how many years you have been bringing Santa to our Club, but I know this tradition goes way back!  Christmas with Santa is one of the largest events that Sportsmen puts on for members and their families.

To Alice Gibson and Freda Lucido, thank you for getting Santa’s “room” all set up each year.  Our stage becomes a very special place for Santa and the kids.  Freda has also been taking photos of the kids with Santa for the past 25+ years.  Families often use her photos to create their Christmas cards. 

Kathie Hammer has kept our kids settled while waiting for Santa for over 25 years too.  She reads them Christmas stories and leads them in Christmas songs while Keith Hammer keeps tabs on when Santa will arrive.  The children especially love when Kathie brings out the bells to ring while singing “Jingle Bells!”  Thank you, Kathie, for all you do—including overseeing our Museum!

Darlene Dawson serves as Chair for our Lighted Boat Parade each year.  Darlene arranges for the Parade Marshall and the judges who come from the community, makes sure all participants have their assigned numbers to display during the parade, and oversees the prizes awarded to the winners.  It is truly an event enjoyed by many people in Antioch.  Thank you, Darlene!

Four years ago, Ann English had a vision of the Ferry all decorated for Christmas.  So, she organized a Christmas Decorating Contest!  Now, each year our members come together to share their talents and make our Ferry reflect Christmas in every corner.  Thank you, Ann, for all you do for our Club at Christmas—as well as throughout the year with Event Reservations and Meeting Night Dinners.

There are so many more members who constantly step up and contribute their time and talents to Sportsmen Yacht Club.  I could go on for a while and probably fill up the whole Newsletter!  But, I’ll refrain and just try to call attention to a few members each month.  In the spirit of the Holidays, I’m going to call it “The Nice List,” so stay tuned!

See you around the Club!


Rear Commodore Mike's January Article

Happy New Year Fellow Sportsmen!!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support in getting elected as the Rear Commodore! It is truly an honor and I appreciate all of the support. As Assistant Bar Manager under Bob Buckley, I have had the pleasure of getting to know quite a few of the members and enjoy the stories of the past.  

Just a small note about me.  My wife Jana and I joined  Sportsmen last year. We have two boys, Jason 33 and Ryan 31 and were blessed with twin grandsons. My sponsors were Rich Furlow and William Odem. My parents, Dwayne and Virginia Minick, were Life Members of Sportsmen and enjoyed many years here with many of you.  My Dad passed away in 2017 and my Mom in 2007. We have since taken ownership of their boat “NO SHIP” and, after putting in many hours and elbow grease, she is up and running.

I am looking forward to serving as the Rear Commodore and helping Bobby and Neal out as much as possible. With the large amount of past experience and knowledge that this Club possesses, this should be an easy task!!

Thanks again!!