Commodores' Words of Wisdom

Commodore  William Odum

  January 1, 2022


Fellow Sportsmen,
Kelly and I are wishing all of you a Happy New Year! We start off the New Year with many accomplishments from Past Commodore Minick. He and Jana were able to accomplish many tasks at the Club with support from many Sportsmen. I would like to thank them and you for your hard work and dedication to keeping the Club going. We have had a rough couple of years and have lost a number of members who will never be forgotten. Our thoughts are with their families.

I’m honored to be your Commodore for 2022. We still have many tasks to complete at the Club throughout the year and all your skills and participation will be called upon to sustain the Club and longevity of Sportsmen Yacht Club.

We have quite a few events planned for the year. Please take time to look at our website and the Club calendar. The website is the best resource for getting the upcoming event information and making reservations. We are looking forward to seeing new faces and familiar faces at our events. We anticipate new members who will be coming onboard. They need to meet you and, likewise, you will want to meet them. I would like to thank Vice Commodore Vicknair and Rear Commodore Maniz for taking on the responsibilities and stepping up to keep our Club moving forward. I cannot thank Secretary Lucido and Treasurer Chapman enough for their support and hard work taking care of Club business and communications to all of us. I would also like to thank the Directors Buckley, Francisco, Gorman, and Silva and our Committee Leads for their service in 2022.

We, as Sportsmen, have a longstanding tradition of being hard workers and keeping this Club the best kept secret on the Delta! I’m looking forward to working with all of you and making the best of the year.



Vice Commodore Jim Vicknair
 January 3, 2022


It is with great excitement and optimism I look forward to serving as your Vice Commodore for 2022.
This excitement is encouraged by the amazing community and organization that we have here at Sportsmen.  Being somewhat a short timer of only three years, I am amazed how fast our community of Sportsmen members have made Lydia and I feel included in our Sportsmen family.  This excitement has also instilled for me a sense of duty and pride to serve as Vice Commodore. 
My optimism is fostered by the belief that although it seems to be a very difficult time with COVID, the peak of infections will subside and 2022 will be a time that we can get back to our business of enjoying our Club, events, and, of course, our wonderful members.
As Vice Commodore, I will support Commodore Odum with his theme and vision for our Club while also getting underway with the planning for an epic 4S event hosted by us in 2023.




Rear Commodore, open