Commodores' Words of Wisdom

Commodore Robert's September Article


Well, with a slight break in the action we had our cruise-out to West Gate Landing a few weeks ago. We had a very nice turnout and a great BBQ lunch/dinner. I would like to thank our Fleet Captain Rick Barton for putting this together so we could have a fun-filled day.

Our annual cruise-out to Rio Vista is scheduled for  September 28th-30th and it would be nice to see more of you there. Remember to get your RV reservations in as this is a popular venue and it could be difficult to get a spot. Once again, thank you Rick!

We had a very nice visit from the Sausalito Historical Society this past weekend. They had contacted Kathie Hammer and asked if they could come and see the Sausalito ferry. There was a group of 14 or so and they were very nice and had many questions for Kathie. They spent time upstairs and then they were down in the museum and walked the entire ship. Lunch was prepared by Matt & Marianne Tate, Denice and I help serve our guests a great tri tip sandwich for lunch along with conversation and spirts.  Thank You Keith & Kathie Hammer for all you do with our museum and keeping the history of the Sausalito alive!

The cruise-in with Solano YC was a lot of fun; these people supported our Club very well. They participated in game night and on Saturday they were out enjoying the new Bocce Ball Court. Later they had worked their way to the fire pit and horseshoes.  It sure is nice seeing people use the Club and all of the extra activities. See, it’s not only “4us” but for our visiting guests also! They rounded out the day with a BBQ chicken dinner and great conversation. We really need to go see them at their yacht club. (Rick, please inquire)    

We are having a cruise-in September 21st-23rd.  Our friends from Marina West YC will be joining us. We are also planning a RIB COOK OFF on Saturday the 22nd, so get some RIBS and your favorite rub and join the competition. We will have more details to come, so stay tuned!!!!

In closing, our Sportsmen Annual Picnic is upon us and, with that being said, I can’t stress how important reservations are. We need TO KNOW HOW MANY are ATTENDING so we can prepare enough food for everybody. There’s nothing more embarrassing than running out of food and there should be no reason other than not everybody made a reservation. Last year we had 85 reservations and 150 people showed up.  How are we supposed to accommodate double? So please, out of respect for those who go shopping and are preparing the food, get your reservations in it takes only two minutes.


Vice Commodore Bobby's September Article

Hello Sportsmen! I would like to start this month’s Newsletter thanking Rick Barton for his continued efforts on planning our cruise-outs. Although we had a small turnout to Westgate Landing, I’m glad we had some members to represent us.  My family and the Maceys tried to surprise early Sunday morning, but luckily on the way there, spotted the Bartons and the Babos on their way back. We were able to meet up at Pirates Lair Marina for some fantastic chicken fried steak. We weren’t able to make it to Westgate Landing, but were still able to meet up with good friends. From there, we enjoyed one of the summer’s best days out on the river. Amazing day!

September, for the Sportsmen, is full of fun events. After our monthly meeting night, we have our annual Club Picnic. Games for the kids and grandkids, hamburgers and hotdogs with all the fixins’. It is imperative we get an accurate head count for this event, as we do not want to run empty and/or turn folks away. Please get your reservations in on time.

Monday Night Football and dinners begin on September 10th.  Later in September, we have the Marina West YC Cruise-in (including Game Night), and another cruise-out to Delta Marina in Rio Vista.  Let’s hope for a “wind free” month! ( Yea, I know, wishful thinking.)

The Club still looks great. There are now, thanks to Ken Carver, lights installed along the west side of the Ferry. A huge improvement! We can see! Thank you, Bill Moore, for continued efforts of improving our docks. Although there will not be a Work Party in September, you can still participate in maintenance or improvements throughout the month. There is a ongoing list posted on the Board Room door or you can contact one of your Commodores.

If you smoke, please make sure butts are completely out and disposed of properly. There has been an exceptional amount of butts scattered throughout the grounds. We want to keep our Club clean and we don’t want any little ones picking up unhealthy items. Smoking is prohibited anywhere inside the Ferry.

See you all at the Club!



Rear Commodore Neal's September Article

September is here and soon we will be holding elections for the 2019 Board positions.  If you have any interest in serving your Club as Rear Commodore, a Director, or Secretary, contact Matt Tate or any current member of the Board.  In addition to Board positions, there are many other positions that keep the Club functioning.  Just take a look at the photos and job positions on the “Our Staff” board and you can understand the amount of manpower (and woman power) it takes to make the Club successful.  The reason our Club functions as well as it does is directly due to all the folks who work, often times behind the scenes, to contribute their time and talents to our Club.

Keep in mind, you do not have to hold a Board position or an official position to contribute to the Club.  You don’t need to just come down on a Work Party Saturday to contribute to the Club.  A great example of this is the “2:00 to 4:00 gang.”  If you go down to the Club on almost any afternoon, you will find Harry Parker, Dale Bauer, Joe Fray and George Lobao not only hanging out at the Club but also taking on a project or cleaning up an area.  To those gentlemen I say, Well Done and Thank You!

See you around the Club!