Commodores' Words of Wisdom

Commodore Robert's June Article


As we enter the sixth month of the year, the Club is looking really good, the grounds are shaping up, and the dock project will be done this month. We need to do a little touch-up on the downstairs bathroom and  a general cleaning, but we are looking good! If you have not had a chance to make it to a Work Party, now is as good of time as any. There have been people working pretty much every Saturday & Sunday and also during the week. All you Dry-Storage people: you need to get out there and clean your weeds.  The Club has sprayed them.  All you need to do is weed-eat them!

I would like to give a shout-out to Harry Parker for all the work he has done with the new signs around the Club. (Photos are shown at the right.)  Harry & Dale installed a new Sausalito sign on the south side pilot house of the ferry and I believe they are working on the north side soon. We have a new one at the gate as you enter the Club and there is a new one as you enter the harbor along the Area 1 shed. Thank You for doing these special projects!

We will be needing volunteers for 4S, judges, galley help, registration, bartenders, etc. Please come out and support our Club and make this 65th annual 4S a memorable event. 


Vice Commodore Bobby's June Article

The 4S is almost here and we are trucking along with our projects, including our new guest dock. The new guest dock is all tied in to the old one now; Jason Turpin and Bill Moore have been working on the electrical and plumbing. Thank you for your efforts. The top decking planks will be placed very soon.

Our grounds are looking colorful and full of plant life. Many thanks to Micheline Simpson who has been planting, watering, and maintaining our flowers to make our Club beautiful with the help of her daughter, Ashley Simpson.

The 4S is next month and we will need all hands on deck to make this event a success and our guests to feel welcome. The sign-up sheets for volunteers are on the Board Room door. There are many opportunities in different areas to help, so please don’t be shy. Help make this Club the best on the water.

June 16th is 4S our try-outs. Come out, try your best, have fun and go Sportsmen!

Come out and welcome Pittsburg YC for our cruise-in on June 22nd.




Rear Commodore Neal's June Article

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Memorial Day Weekend!  May was a busy month and June will be busy as well.  Hopefully, this newsletter will arrive in time for you to make sure you make the June 1st Meeting Dinner and, more importantly, the Club Work Party on June 2nd.

Remember, the 4S Games and Cruise-In will be here starting on July 19th!  Make sure you sign up for the 4S try-outs which are scheduled for June 16th.  More importantly, there is still a lot of work that needs to get finished before Sportsmen is ready to host the other three yacht clubs.  We need to put our best foot forward and show the other clubs how proud we are of our club by making it look its best.

Pittsburg YC will be cruising in on June 22nd through June 24th.  We will be having Game Night on Friday, June 22nd, as usual.  There will be a dinner on Saturday night and a breakfast on Sunday morning, so get down to Sportsmen and support the Club.  Let’s show our neighbors from Pittsburg YC a great time.

See you around the Club!