Commodores' Words of Wisdom

Commodore Bobby's November Article


November brings cold nights and brisk mornings full with sounds of shotgun blasts in the distance. Duck season is in full swing. I, myself, am an avid hunter. This time of the year is my favorite. Not only do I love the Holiday season, but getting up early, sipping on a hot cup of joe while watching the sun rise on a spread of decoys gets my blood warm. The whispering of friends in the blind, predicting who will get the first bird, the rustling of shotgun shells and dogs whimpering from excitement are the ideal way to watch a beautiful morning come to life. November also officially kicks off the Holiday get-togethers with the coming of Thanksgiving.

We’ll start the month with our Meeting Night and a special Turkey and Ham Dinner. It’s also election night at Sportsmen for our 2020 Board. It’s one of the most important meetings of the year. Be sure you are present if you want your voice to be heard and support our elite volunteers running for a Board position.

The November Fishing Derby starts immediately following the General Membership Meeting and will end on November 10th. We’ll end the derby with a Veteran’s Day Meatloaf Cook-Off. The rest of the month will be filled with Monday Night Football games kicking off each week.

Now for a time of reflection on Kathie Hammer, who was an integral part of our Club for so many years.  Kathie will forever be the founder of our beloved Museum.  The Museum we have today was Kathie’s dream and the result of her hard work to make it happen.  Matt Tate will be assuming the role of Historian in 2020.  That was Kathie’s wish and we thank Matt for accepting the position. 

Another event that Kathie had a huge role in was telling the children stories and singing Christmas carols at our annual Kids with Santa Night.  Many children will forever remember her wonderful skill to keep all the children entertained while waiting for Santa to arrive.  Alice Gibson has agreed to carry on Kathie’s tradition and I’m sure Kathie would be very pleased.

I wish all members a safe Holiday Season. Be responsible and enjoy each other’s company. See you all soon!


Vice Commodore Neal's November Article


It’s hard to believe it’s already November and Thanksgiving is almost here!

On October 5th, Mike Minick, Bob Buckley, and Heather Newton joined me in attending the Fall PICYA Management Conference at South Beach Yacht Club in San Francisco.  Between the BART ride, the fire at SBYC, and the walk to their club, it was an interesting day!

October also brought the Discovery Bay Yacht Club back for their annual Cruise-In to Sportsmen Yacht Club. Once again, we had a great weekend with their group.

At the November General Membership Meeting, you will be voting on your Officers and Directors for 2020.  This is an important meeting and I hope everybody makes it to the Club for this one.

Our annual November Fishing Derby kicks off after the General Meeting on Friday, November 1st and goes until Sunday, November 10th.  And, November 10th will once again find us celebrating Veteran’s Day with the usual fishing awards, raffle, Meatloaf Cook-Off and side-dish potluck dinner.  Come on down and honor our Veterans.

Don’t forget November also means that Monday Night Football continues all month with your choice of burgers, loaded baked potatoes, and Caesar salad thanks to Ann English and her crew.  Get your reservations for dinner in by noon on the day of the game.

We also have another Game Night scheduled for November 15th.  Contact Janet Buckley if you want to help or have any questions.

The Sportsmen Annual Christmas Tree Decorating Contest begins on November 30th.  Contact Ann English if you would like to participate.

As you can see, there is always a lot going on at Sportsmen Yacht Club.  As a member, you get out of the Club what you put in to the Club.  So, come on to Sportsmen and participate in or help out with one of our many events.  I guarantee you will have fun doing it.

Before I close, I do want to take an opportunity to express what a privilege it was to attend Kathie Hammer’s Celebration of Life service recently.  Kathie would have been pleased to know so many people cared enough to take time to come; my estimate was 400-500 people attended.  I understand Kathie loved bagpipe music and it was memorable for a bagpipe player to lead a procession across the street from the church, after the service, to a community center where many people gathered to share their memories of the impact Kathie had made in their lives.  She was loved by many and that includes our Club members.

See you around the Club.



Rear Commodore Mike's November Article


The month of October has been a busy month, with the Discovery Bay Cruise-In and all the other events that took place.  It was a lot of fun.

November is upon us already. We have the November Fishing Derby from November 1st until the 10th, ending with the Veterans Day celebration. I hope the weather holds so we can have a great derby.  See Jim Dawson to get signed up!

If you haven't been to any of the Monday Night Football dinners, you are missing out on the best burgers around. Thanks to Bob and Janet Buckley, Bill and Darlene Moore, Gary and Donna Fields, Ann English and everyone else who helps make Monday Night Football a success! 

In October the weather was great and the outside BBQs were getting used frequently. We also have three member events scheduled for November. If you would like to reserve the Clubhouse, please fill out the form and put it in my box so we can tentatively get you scheduled on the calendar.

Congratulations to Tabitha LaChance on winning the October wheel spin!