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Good News! The Sportsmen Yacht Club membership has recently voted to increase our maximum headcount by 25 additional members; our waiting list is gone. If you've been thinking about joining Sportsmen and have had your 21st birthday, now is the time to submit your application. No waiting!

Come and join the fun in the sun by sea or land (boat ownership is not required). We have a large private fishing pier and lots of other shore-side activities. Check out our RV parking area on the river and take a look at our
Scheduled Events page for an idea of the kind of activities we enjoy at the Sportsmen Yacht Club.

Members enjoy rental berthing, cabin rentals on-board the Sausalito, and dry storage for small boats and boat trailers (all at very reasonable rates).

We also have a small boat launch ramp and haul-out facilities for boats to 30 ft. Also, WiFi is available on-board.


Sportsmen Yacht Club is a Pacific Inter-Club Yachting Association (PICYA) member. Therefore Sportsmen members enjoy reciprocal privileges at most other yacht clubs, foreign as well as domestic  (bring your ID).



The Sausalito is open to members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; we never close.

If you're a member of a PICYA affiliated club, you're welcome to visit our club any time a member is present (ID required). If you don't currently belong to a club, please contact our membership chairman or any SYC member to arrange for a guest visit. Be sure to check out our museum (if open) while aboard the Sausalito.



Our RV parking area is right on the San Joaquin River. It doesn't get any better than that!



Our Clubhouse, The Historic Ferryboat Sausalito!

To apply for SYC membership, you may print out the  'Application for Membership' form below (PDF format). The completed application must contain signatures of two current SYC members as sponsors.

Please contact our 2021 Membership Chairman Neal Draper for further information.

Family vs. Regular Membership


SYC Membership Application

Mail to: 

Sportsmen Membership Chairman 
P.O. Box 518 
Antioch, CA 94509-0051