Sportsmen Associate Members


Welcome Aboard


Contributions include:
- Pressure washed & painted North Upper Deck
- Helped in repair of air compressor
- Attended October Meeting
- Attended November Meeting
- Repaired cracks in road near entry-
-Attended February work party



Contributions include:
- Painting trim around the outside of new museum windows
- Working on trailer HVAC/H2O heater doors with Gene & Dale.
- Area 2 berths, swept, cleaned, repaired
- Cleaned hallways on lower deck of ferry
- Pulled weeds & cleaned up Bocce Court
-Pulled weeds & cleaned up around the launch ramp and ways area.
- Helped Gary Fields cook for October Meeting BBQ
- Helped organize the Connex Storage Van
- Attended November meeting & Saturday work party.
-Attended the December work party
- Volunteered to do December Meeting Diner
-Attended January work party
-Provided Lumpia for the work party crew
-Attended February work party



Contributions include:
- Cleaned up area between river & BBQ area, stuffing 29 bags of debris & cuttings.
- Helped to dispose of old Styrofoam that had been used under docks.
- Cleaned fish cleaning room on fishing pier.
- Replaced door on storage container.
- Took garbage trailer to dump (working with Mike Silva)
- Assisted with pulling disabled boat out of water at the ramp
- Helped with reorganization of storage van
- Took black dumpster to the dump
- Put new lights on golf cart
- Replaced electrical plug at one of the RV hook-ups
- Attended November meeting & Saturday work party.
- Took all chair pads home and washed them.
- Helped prepare and serve November Meeting Dinner; helped with clean-up.
-Volunteered to do January Meeting Dinner
-Attended February work party


Contributions include:
- Attended February work party
- Helped in galley for Crab Feed
- Attended March work party
- Helping behind bar
- Attended November meeting & Saturday work party.



Welcome to our new Associates. Associate membership in Sportsmen Yacht Club is a six month probationary period, allowing new people to become known to the Club membership by helping behind the bar, at work parties and through general participation. This also gives the new member a chance to decide if being a part of Sportsmen is what they want too. 

After five months, the Associate is reintroduced at the regular Friday meeting. Then at six months, a vote is taken by the membership. Prior to the vote, the Associate's sponsors (two SYC members) and any other members wishing to speak, review the Associate's merits and participation with the membership, followed with a recommendation for a positive (or?) vote. 

After graduating from Associate to Regular or Family membership, he/she becomes eligible to vote and may then apply for berth and/or cabin rental. 


Recently Elected to Regular or Family Membership: 

November 2020
 Peter Dragula
 Tom Sanders
 Mike & Melanie Silva
January 2020
  Nate & Michele Hall