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2018 Staff

Flag Officers & Board of Directors Committee Chairmen & Delegates
Commodore: Robert Babo 4S Chair Persons: Denice Babo, Cynthia Perez
ViceCommodore: Bobby Brown Audit: Terri Barton, Jenny Comages
RearCommodore: Neal Draper Bar Manager: Bob Buckley
Treasurer: Marianne Tate Bar Manager Asst: Heather Newton
Secretary: Darlene Moore Breast Cancer Coordinator: Becky Wilson
  Budget: Marianne Tate
Director: Bob Buckley Decorating/Events: Denice Babo
Director: Heather Newton Decorating/Events Asst: Cynthia Perez
Director: Floyd Simpson Decorating/Events Asst: Micheline Simpson
Director: Open Elections: Freda Lucido
  Fleet Captain: Rick Barton
  Galley Captain: Ann English
  Gaming Coordinator: Don Wilson
  Harbor Captain: Bill Moore
  Historian: Kathie Hammer
  Master-at-Arms: Albert Perez
  Meeting Dinners Coordinator: Ann English
  Membership/Nominating: Matt Tate
  Newsletter Editor: Freda Lucido
  Newsletter Mailing: Cindy Kirk
  Parliamentarian: Don Wilson
  Photography: Freda Lucido
  PICYA Delegate: Darlene Dawson
  PICYA Delegate: Morris Lum
  Port Captain: Floyd Simpson
  Relay for Life: Cynthia Perez
  Reservations Coordinator: Ann English
  Safety Captain: Arleigh Nave
  Ship's Store Manager: Elena Draper
  Sunshine Coordinator: Janet Buckley
  Webmaster: Don Lucido


You may email staff listed above by entering the initial and last name  (no period, no spaces) followed by into your email program . Flag Officers may also be addressed by 'title'